Derick Hughes

I am a doctoral candidate in philosophy at the University of Colorado Boulder.

I am prepared to defend my doctoral dissertation, "
Demystifying Modesty and Humility," under the supervision of Iskra Fileva.

My teaching and research are interdisciplinary, falling primarily in moral psychology and normative ethics. I recently completed CU's Certificate in College Teaching.

Below are my publications:

Demystifying Humility's Paradoxes, Episteme, 2022: 1-18.

Is Situationism Conservatively Revisionary for Ethics?, The Journal of Ethics, 2021, 26(1): 69–91.

Review of Mark Alfano, Michael P. Lynch, and Alessandra Tanesini (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Humility, Journal of Moral Philosophy, 2021, 18(6): 674–677.